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6092 rtld should always provide assfail/assfail3
Reviewed by: Andy Stormont <>

@@ -3070,11 +3070,10 @@
         va_start(args, format);
         veprintf(lml, error, format, args);
-#if     DEBUG
  * Provide assfail() for ASSERT() statements.  See <sys/debug.h> for further
  * details.

@@ -3087,15 +3086,15 @@
 assfail3(const char *msg, uintmax_t a, const char *op, uintmax_t b,
     const char *f, int l)
-        (void) printf("assertion failed: %s (%llu %s %llu), "
-            "file: %s, line: %d\n", msg, a, op, b, f, l);
+        (void) printf("assertion failed: %s (0x%llx %s 0x%llx), "
+            "file: %s, line: %d\n", msg, (unsigned long long)a, op,
+            (unsigned long long)b, f, l);
         (void) _lwp_kill(_lwp_self(), SIGABRT);
  * Exit.  If we arrive here with a non zero status it's because of a fatal
  * error condition (most commonly a relocation error).  If the application has
  * already had control, then the actual fatal error message will have been